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Based on the Zentangle Method™.

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No need for drawing skills or lots of materials.

" The Club's content is suitable for everyone. Juliette invites us to relax and encourages us to explore what speaks to us deep inside. I really enjoyed the pace of tangling on small formats over 4 days and the "wrap-up" on Fridays." - Nelly

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No need to look for creative ideas anymore!

" Drawing regularly is a good way to deepen the Zentangle Method. But then comes the question of what to draw. By joining the Club, I don't have to look for ideas anymore. It's also a great opportunity to learn new tangles or to reacquaint myself with forgotten tangles." - Catherine

You want to relax but you don't necessarily know where to start.

You like to doodle and draw with your pen but you don't always know the next step.

You often need to recharge your batteries after a busy day.

Imagine if...

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You could relax with a pen and paper without looking for hours online to figure out what to draw.

Person drawing and relaxing

With a few simple instructions, you could draw wherever and whenever you wanted without spending too much time on it.

Imagine also if...

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You could be proud of what you draw in no time with just pen and paper.

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You had the support and encouragement you need for those days when you lack motivation.

With the club you will be able to :

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  • Draw regularly with short, simple exercises to help you relax even when you don't have much time.
  • Follow longer practices when you have more time or want to go further.
  • Learn new tangles and new ways to combine them to advance your Zentangle Practice.
  • Discover ways to better help you let go and live in the moment.
  • Participate in live events for more support and encouragement.
  • Be guided and supported by the Club's community so that you do not have to do it alone.
Yes, I am in !

How does it work?

Every week you have access to:

  • 4 short practical exercises (texts and videos) to help you relax in no time.
  • 1 reflection topic to help you learn to let go.
  • 1 long practice course (video) to go further.

and more

  • live events every month


  • Additional activities to practice and explore even further.


"I really enjoy with the ArtsAmuse Club the fact that each day I discover new tangles and can practice regularly. The mix of step-by-step instructions with the videos gives complete information on each tangle. Thank you for your generosity and the sensibility you share with us."

- Sandrine (France)

"With the Club, I practiced regularly, with much joy, and discovered new ways of doing things... Nothing but bliss! It's progressive, and I feel I have more ideas for my own tiles, my creativity comes tentatively but it comes, and it's magic! I also really like the weekly reflection, which inspires me."

- Dominique (France)

Subscribe to the CLUB

By subscribing, you have access to

  • Short exercises (text and video) to relax and practice regularly.
  • Long practices (video) to go further by consolidating the learnings.
  • Learn new tangles and new ways to combine them to further your Zentangle Practice.
  • Reflections to help you let go and inspire you.
  • Live events to not practice alone.
  • BONUS: additional activities to practice and explore even further and a community to receive the encouragement, support and answers to your questions (not on Facebook)

You won't have to look for ideas anymore!
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Where do I find the content and how do I access it?

Club materials include texts, videos, recordings, PDFs or other bonus information, all distributed via the Teachable platform - an easy-to-access website that can be viewed on your computer, tablet or cell phone at any time.

Once you subscribe you get your own private account to view the material immediately after you sign up. You will also receive an email with all the access information - make sure to save it.

As long as you keep your subscription active, you'll have access to the club's materials, which will grow over time as new content is added.

Is there a community for support?

We connect through all the interaction with each other and in live online sessions. Because at the heart of it all is the community that welcomes Club subscribers and the general public. We share our messages, questions, comments or achievements in this caring online community.

This community is hosted on Circle not Facebook.

As a subscriber, you also have access to a community space reserved for subscribers. You can request access to this community via the Circle platform when you register. Give us three business days to give you access to the members' area.

Will the price of my subscription increase?

Yes, when you join the Club, you LOCK this price as long as you remain an active and permanent member. You keep this advantageous price even if you change your payment card.

This allows you to plan and budget your precious time for creativity and relaxation.

How many spaces are there?

For this first launch, the number of places is limited in order to be able to best support new members who are starting the Club. The membership will reopen a few times a year, if that's not an option for you right now.

You can also chose the On-Demand option and try one month, or the three month bundle.

Will I have access to past content when I sign up?

You have access to all the content that is added from the moment you sign up and as long as you keep your subscription active. For the other contents you can go to the ArtsAmuse workshops page to buy the ones you would have liked to follow.

How long do I have access?

You have access to all the subscribed contents as long as you keep your subscription active. You can do this at your own pace while having the support of the community.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: You are free to cancel at any time, but your access ends immediately. There are no refunds due to the digital nature of the content.

What is the purpose of my subscription?
As a subscriber, you receive support, advice and guidance to continue learning the Zentangle method, but most importantly to relax, explore your creativity and establish a regular practice for more relaxation, serenity and calm.

The bottom line is that we are all here to help you relax with a pen and paper.

In addition, I encourage all of you to help other subscribers: by giving caring feedback to other subscribers, you also develop your own ability to see differently, in a caring and serene way.

You've reached the bottom of the page, and you haven't registered?

If you have any questions, please contact me to chat. I want to make sure this program is what you need!

You can reach me at: info [@] artsamuse [.] com
(email address to be written without spaces or square brackets, it's written that way to avoid having robots registering...)